The Mentor is a more recent addition to GENEVA’s brass instrument range, and compliments other models within the GENEVA brand. This too is a professional instrument, and where appropriate, it is produced from the exact same materials as the more expensive Symphony and Cardinal ranges, and also includes many of the same innovations.
What has been done is to strip back some of the more ‘ornate fittings’ and engraving, but this does not detract from the very essence of the sound, concepts, and innovations of those more expensive instruments.

All in all, the Mentor range is the ultimate in modern design GENEVA are reputed for, quite a stunning experience to play, but without the higher price tag.


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11.79mm (0.4604")


205mm (8"), Yellow Brass

Lead Pipe

Rose Brass


3 Triggers


3 Stainless Steel Piston Valves (Top Sprung)

Inner Slides

Nickel Silver

Outer Slides

Nickel Silver

Tuning Slide

Yellow Brass


Lacquer or Silverplated (Optional)

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