Privacy Policy

Removal of personal data

When returning a product for any reason, you must do so in the exact conditions you received it from Geneva Brasswind. In this respect you must entirely delete, remove and eliminate all personal data pertaining to you and/or any third party which may be possibly present in same item, and must de-latch any account possibly latched to same item. You will be fully responsible for any data breach that may occur if you fail to do so. You must remove from the returned product and from the box containing the returned product any item not pertaining to the returned product as originally received from Geneva Brasswind. Geneva Brasswind will not be responsible for any such items erroneously left by you within the returned product or within the box containing the returned product. You agree and accept that the returned product will become Geneva Brasswind’s property, and that Geneva Brasswind is therefore entitled to sell it to third parties at Geneva Brasswind’s full discretion.

Other Specific Items

Geneva Brasswind may sell certain products in unsealed boxes (e.g., for HTC and Huawei), as this is how we receive them. When returning these products to Geneva Brasswind, you have to send them in the same conditions as received by you, without affixing any seal. Should you send us these products in a sealed box you may be held liable for any data breach or other adverse consequences related to such manumission.

For instructions on how to return certain specific items, please see the following links:

If your order was sold and dispatched by a Seller on Geneva Brasswind Marketplace, you can learn more about Arranging Marketplace Returns and Refunds.

For Prime Video, please see the Prime Video Terms of Use page.

For Geneva Brasswind Music, please see the Geneva Brasswind Music Terms of Use page.

For Kindle, please see the Kindle Returns Policies page, the Kindle Terms of Use page and the Geneva Brasswind Kindle Store Terms of Use page.

For the Geneva Brasswind Appstore for Android, please see the Geneva Brasswind Appstore for Android Terms of Usepage.

For Geneva Brasswind Games and Software downloads, please see the Geneva Brasswind Games and Software Terms of Use page.

For AutoRip Music, please see the AutoRip Terms of Use.

For Shoes, Clothing, Jewellery & Watches, including Collection and Staples by the Drop items purchased from The Drop, see About Free Returns On Fashion Items.

For items containing Hazardous Materials, please see Items containing Hazardous Materials.

For items containing High Value Items, please see the Very High Value Items page.

If you return items in which you've saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras or other electronic devices, you must erase this information completely before sending the product back to us