Bb/F Full Double French Horn (Geneva Professionals Choice)
Geneva Kraslice Select Range

Produced in Kraslice, at the Amati manufacturing site of musical instruments, the history of which dates back to 1631. All instruments are made of unique materials with high quality craftsmanship. They excel in the beauty of sound, intonation balance, functional reliability, robustness, and appearance. Each instrument passes through the hands of people whose lives have been associated with music for generations. The historical development of its woodwind instruments is as fascinating as, for example, the development of automobiles. Some instruments are still manufactured in the same way as many years ago, while some have undergone tremendous development. To meet our highest standards today, we also utilise the latest technology and science in ensuring our musical instruments are the finest possible.

Geneva's Kraslice instrument range, produced exclusively at Amati's European factory, are esteemed around the world. The range is selected to compliment our Geneva designed premium professional hand made instruments designed in the UK and produced in the Czech Republic  by the very same workforce.


"We are not motivated just by business; we do not pursue numbers. Our work is a part of something that is not tangible. Our work is a part of art, music. The instruments that we commission embody tradition and perfection without any compromise. Each of them passes through the hands of our colleagues who fulfil their mission - to provide musicians with unique and delicious-sounding instruments. We do our work with love and passion for music."

£3,295.00 inc. VAT

Fixed Bell

Detachable Bell


Red Brass, Yellow Brass


Bb/F full double French Horn with 4 rotary valves, professional model, red brass finish, bore 11.7mm (.461“), bell 305mm (12“), three dimensional adjustable finger lever, nickel silver mouth-pipe, valve casingsand all trimmings, reversible to F/Bb, 'minibal' action, engraved
valve caps and levers, adjustable finger hook, lacquered

SKUGKHR 781(D)Category


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