2. EEb Tuba – Geneva Cardinal 2023 Model

The Cardinal range brings together the latest of innovations, pure luxury, the finest materials, attention to detail, and relentless quest for perfection.

Each of the Cardinal instruments feature decorative engraving that is hand crafted by gifted artisans, thus making your Cardinal instrument absolutely unique.

The venturi, featured on all the Cardinal lead pipes, is designed to allow the musician to instantly have much more sound, and an almost resistant free experience. We believe at Geneva we have raised innovation in hand made brass musical instrument production to a new quality level, but you the customer will be the ultimate deciding factor.

"What I want is an instrument that gives me total control in all registers, with the changes we have made this instrument is perfect for me and I am sure will be for you too"

Gavin Saynor

Principal EEb Tuba, Black Dyke Band

Geneva Performance & Development Artist

If the instrument is on back order don't worry you can still purchase the instrument online with a lead time of circa 4 weeks. Alternatively a 30% deposit will secure your place in the production schedule by contacting info@genevainstruments.com or telephone +44 (0) 1642 714464 who will be able to place your order into our production plan with the factory.

"Hard Case Supplied with Instrument"


£7,995.00£9,995.00 inc. VAT


Duel Bore 17.5mm (0.689") – 18.5mm (0.728")


483mm (19") Rose Brass

Lead Pipe

Rose Brass


4 Stainless Steel Piston Valves, Compensating System

Inner Slides

Nickel Silver

Outer Slides

Nickel Silver

Tuning Slide

Rose Brass


Lacquer with Black Nickel Plated Trimmings or Silverplate (Optional)

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